Detox Week

Detox Week

Recently I took part in a 5 day detox diet. I was suffering from a sharp pain in the centre of my abdomen when exercising (not a stitch or muscle pain), for about 2 months. This resulted in not being able to hold my abdominal's in fully - not great as a PT demonstrating correct technique all day. I decided that if eating clean didn't stop the pain then it would be time to see my GP.

Should I detox?

If you are pregnant or breast feeding then a detox is not for you. Please consult your GP before taking part in any diet or exercise plan.

Why detox?

If you are feeling bloated, fatigued, want to loose weight and have more energy then a detox diet will be a great kick start to a healthier lifestyle.

What can't I eat or drink on a detox?

Caffeine - including tea, coffee and energy drinks ( no more skinny latte's)
Dairy- cheese, milk, yogurts, cream etc
Red or processed meats
Bread products
Starchy carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes

What can I eat on a detox?

All fresh fruit and dried fruit
Vegetables except white potatoes
Soya or almond milk
Unprocessed white meat- turkey, chicken and eggs
Unsalted nuts and seeds
Whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa

What does a typical detox day taste like?


Start the day with a mug of hot water and 2 slices of fresh lemon to cleanse the gut.
Follow it with a smoothie-
Blend raw fruit and veg to have a filling, nutrient packed start to the day. I like blending 1 banana, a handful of fresh or frozen berries and 250 mls of almond milk.

Mid morning snack

Sliced apple spread with a dessert spoon full of almond butter. More hot water and lemon


Baked sweet potato filled with home made ratatouille, spinach and avocado salad.


Mid afternoon snack

Small handful of almonds with fresh berries. Hot water and lemon


Baked salmon with roasted Mediterranean vegetables

What are the side effects of a detox?

Weight loss
Headaches are common in the first few days as the body learns to cope without toxins
Frequent trips to the toilet - you are basically flushing the toxins out of your system
Emotional/tiredness/mood swings-days 2-4

My results

In 5 days I lost 1.4kg, 4 inches - 2 of which can from my lower abdomen. I lost the bloat and the pain in my tummy vanished. My skin is clearer and I don't need my usual mid-morning coffee hit. But it was far from easy. On day 4, my husband begged me to eat a biscuit or slice of toast as I might have been slightly moody. I felt weak and didn't have the strength to carry out my usual workouts or run around the park with the kids.

My advice to anyone considering detoxing is to pick a week when you have nothing stressful planned, cut back on your workouts as you'll need the energy to cope with daily tasks and finally expect to lose weight!

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