Experienced Personal Trainer Plymouth

I am an experienced Personal Trainer in Plymouth.  Over the last 15 years, I have built a wealth of experience working in some of the South West's premier health and fitness clubs.  See what my clients have to say:

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The exercise and fitness industry evolves rapidly and continuously.  Fuelled by scientific research and better understanding of the human body, new and innovative training methods influence the perceived wisdom and current training vogues.  In order to stay in touch with this rapid change, continuous professional development is essential.

I take my professional development extremely seriously.  Only by doing so am I able to provide you with the most effective client training experience to achieve your goals.  To demonstrate my commitment to professional development, I am registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).  Membership requires a mandated level of personal development annually in order to remain on the register.

Below, I list proof of certification for all insurances, accreditation, licences and qualifications recommended to practice within the health and fitness industry.  I do this to demonstrate my commitment to deliver personal training in a safe, knowledgeable and professional manner.  Should you have any further questions please call me on 07971 779667; email me on suzy@suzywills.co.uk; or complete the enquiry form opposite.

Agreement, Accreditation, Insurance and Licencing

  • Client / Trainer Agreement Personal Training Contract: Contract
  • Registration of Exercise Professionals (REPs): Certification.
  • Public Liability Insurance (£5): Certification.
  • PPL Music Licence (For publicly played music): Certification.
  • PRS Music Licence (For publicly played music): Certification.


Experienced Personal Trainer Plymouth

Group Exercise Instructor in Plymouth

I am a Group Exercise Instructor in Plymouth.  I have over ten years experience with some of the South West's premier health and fitness establishments.  I am available to provide cover for the following classes:

Health & Safety