Personal Training

Personal Training in Plymouth

I deliver Personal Training in Plymouth and the South Hams.  I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals and your preferred body shape.  When personal training with me, you will increase fitness, strength and conditioning; lose weight and improve body confidence.

Personal Training Prices:
  • One-To-One Training
  • £35/ per hour
    • 1 Session Per Week
  • One-To-One Training
  • £30/ per hour
    • 2 Session Per Week
  • Buddy Training Per Person
  • £23/ per hour
    • Min/Max of 2 People
My Ethos

Choosing the right personal trainer for you is essential.  Why? - because personal training is about you and your goals!  The relationship between trainer and client is a close one.  You must satisfy yourself that your goals, motivations and training preferences are always being considered and at the heart of each and every session.  If this balance is right, you will remain motivated and maximise the value of your time and effort.  When you training with me, I will make absolutely sure that this is achieved.


My Offer


In order for you to determine whether I am the right personal trainer in Plymouth for you, I offer a completely FREE initial consultation.  During which, you will receive:


  • A chat to ascertain your goals
  • Health screening
  • Introduction to my Services


My Service


I deliver personal training in Plymouth and the South Hams area.  When personal training with me, you will enjoy training in the privacy of my boutique personal training studio, nestled in Hollacombe (between Staddiscombe and Wembury) on the edge of Plymouth and the South Hams.  This will ensure you receive maximum value from each personal training session and absolutely no distractions.  During your sessions you can expect:


  • A thorough warm up and dynamic stretching to ensure you are prepared for exercise.
  • Varied routines to keep things fun and fresh.
  • Varied training methods including: TRX suspension training, kettle bells, slam balls, bosu and swiss ball training, core work and boxing pads.
  • A full body workout to maximise fat burning, weight loss and strength and conditioning.
  • A thorough warm-down and stretch to improve mobility and flexibility.
  • Nutrition analysis and healthy eating advice.
  • Should running be one your goals, I am ideally located close to a number of beautiful running routes.