Pre & Post Natal

Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainer in Plymouth


As a mother of three children, I know the challenges of staying in your preferred shape.  When training with me, you will enjoy having a friendly, sympathetic and knowledgeable pre and post natal personal trainer who has experienced three times the joys and challenges of pregnancy and getting back into shape.


Pre-Natal Exercise - Personal Training


Pre-natal exercise while pregnant is a daunting task.  Should you exercise?  What should you do, for how long, how hard and when should you stop?  When personal training with me, I will guide you through each of your pregnancy trimesters and will help you to ensure that you are in the best condition for your birth while minimising any unnecessary weight gain.


Post-Natal Exercise - Personal Training


Post natal exercise is equally, if not more, challenging.  Once you have given birth*, managing the needs of your baby, their siblings, your home, and your partner is exhausting.  When personal training with me, I will ensure that you get the most out of the precious time you have available.  I will help you to lose any excess baby weight, increase your energy levels, get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes and be fit for the challenges of motherhood.


My Prices:


  • One-to-One Training
  • £35/ per hour
    • 1 session per week
  • One-to-One Training
  • £30/ per hour
    • 2 sessions per week
  • Buddy Training Per Person
  • £23/ per hour
    • Min/max of 2 people
My Ethos


Choosing the right personal trainer for you is essential.  Why? - because personal training is about you and your goals!  The relationship between trainer and client is a close one.  You must satisfy yourself that your goals, motivations and training preferences are always being considered and at the heart of each and every session.  If this balance is right, you will remain motivated and maximise the value of your time and effort.  When training with me, I guarantee that you and your goals are the centre of my focus.


My Offer


In order for you to determine whether I am the right personal trainer in Plymouth for you, I offer a completely FREE initial consultation.  During which we will:


  • Chat through your goals.
  • Conduct a health screening.
  • Introduction you to my studio.


My Service


I pride myself in providing fun, fresh and fat-burning personal training in Plymouth and the South Hams area. When personal training with me, you will enjoy training in the privacy of my bespoke personal training studio, nestled in Hollacombe (between Staddiscombe and Wembury) on the edge of Plymouth and the South Hams.  This will ensure you receive maximum value from each personal training session and absolutely no distractions.  During your Personal Training sessions you can expect:


  • A thorough warm up and dynamic stretching to ensure you are prepared for exercise.
  • Varied routines to keep things fun and fresh.
  • Varied training methods including: TRX suspension training, kettle bells, slam-balls, bosu and swiss ball training, core work and boxing pads.
  • Post-Natal - Incorporation of your baby into routines to compliment the bonding process.
  • A full body workout to maximise fat burning, weight loss and strength and conditioning.
  • A thorough warm-down and stretch to improve mobility and flexibility.
  • Nutrition analysis and healthy eating advice.


* Please note: No exercise should be attempted for at least 6 weeks after birth and longer if you have had a caesarian section.  If in doubt seek the advice of your doctor.